Lou Reed || Perfect Day


"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

how on earth

"“Thoughts are not your friend.
They do not really belong to you.
Dive deeper, deeper within yourself.
Try to understand who you are by diving deep within yourself.
Do not look to man. Do not look to the universe. Do not look to things.
Look to your self. Only you can know yourself. No one can really help you.
In the last analysis you have to give up all reactions to this world.
Surrender yourself totally.
How do you surrender yourself?
By letting go, letting go of all the concepts, letting go of all the ideas,
letting go of the beliefs, letting go of all your prejudices, all of your emotions.
Just drop it. If you can do this, all of your sadhana, all of your meditations,
all of your prayers, are no longer necessary.”

- Robert Adams"


Tyler Joseph tellin’ it like it is.


get on her level 💅